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Fourth of July Fireworks on the May River

Living where people vacation has its perks; holidays are amplified to entertain the visitors, so locals get year-round extraordinary holiday celebrations. This past weekend was the Fourth of July – the year is going by so fast! The holiday was spent with family and friends enjoying the nice weather at the pool and a not-so-quiet ending at the fireworks display on the May River.


We started our day by watching the Golf Cart Parade in Palmetto Bluff with the kids, and what an entertaining event that was! Families from all over the community drove down in their Fourth of July themed golf carts to show off their decorations to the rest of the neighborhood.


Continuing our day outside, we relaxed while enjoying the sun at The Lodge Pool and had a birthday party for the kids with family and friends. It was the perfect time to celebrate, and we had great company! The kids got to enjoy snow cones and a bouncy castle while we got to enjoy quality time. What more could you ask for?


To end the day, we watched a fireworks display from the beautiful May River. Many locals and visitors gathered on their boats with friends and family to enjoy the show. Living in an area an abundance of natural beauty is quite a blessing. Not only is there beauty in Palmetto Bluff, but there’s beauty all around. It was a nice way to stay outdoors, enjoy the weather and appreciate a special moment as a family.


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