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A Tiny Home For South Carolina by Brighton Builders
With your help, this tiny home is going to a family affected by the South Carolina Flood Disaster. Check out our GoFundMe site to donate now.
As the focus from the flood disaster fades away, we need to be mindful of the folks who have lost their homes. With your help, we are building and donating this tiny home for a family in need to assist in the efforts towards the South Carolina flood relief. We hope that you can help us in our efforts to help our neighbors. Please join in on the efforts of #BlufftonCares
As I was gathering supplies to send to Columbia, I realized that I was not utilizing my greatest strength: building. This is when I came up with the idea to build tiny homes for people and families whose homes were affected by the flooding,
Only 9% of homes in South Carolina are covered under the National Flood Insurance Program, resulting in people being forced to rebuild their homes from their own savings, with many left homeless.
We are proud of the way the community has come together to get this far, but we still have more work to do in order to make an impact on repairing the statewide crisis. All donations go towards the raw materials for building these tiny homes. We thank everyone who has generously donated, everything from $5 to appliances and air conditioning.
Please support us in our efforts to keep #BlufftonCares building!
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