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A Message from the President

a message from the president:Home Builders in Bluffton SC

At Brighton Builders we strive to lay a foundation of trust with you, the client. By listening to your needs we Home Builders in Bluffton SC craft the home of your dreams.


I was only three when I began in construction, or should I say “deconstruction”. One day, I found a screwdriver and somehow managed to take apart my entire high chair.


It wasn’t long after that my parents realized I liked to figure out how things work. My dad started letting me help him do physical jobs at work or at home on our farm. I’m thankful for this time growing up in a rural area of Reidsville, Georgia. I believe it was this experience of living in a small town and learning from my father that truly shaped my destiny as a custom builder. Whether we were building a barn, fixing a piece of farm equipment or doctoring the animals, I had a curiosity. And my dad was always there to answer my questions.


Over time I began building and repairing things on my own with a strong desire to be creative. By my late teens, my passion for building and renovating had kicked into high gear and I was eager to try my hand at new and challenging building projects.


One hot day when I was working my summer job framing the roof of a home, it came to me. I needed to work smarter and harder mentally instead of physically. I went on to pursue and graduate college at the University of Georgia where I also met my partner in life, my wife Brittany.


After college I worked in construction management gaining knowledge of the building industry. From that experience, I felt I would one day start my own company. And in 2010 that dream came true with the opening of Brighton Builders, LLC.


I’m so thankful for our wonderful clients who have given me the opportunity to pursue my passion Home Builders in Bluffton SC – that of taking something from paper to the a fully realized structure. In addition to the many beautiful custom homes we’ve built, we’ve also built great relationships with our clients, too. It’s truly amazing what friendships have come out of building homes for our great clients.


After all, constructing a new house is a fun challenge as well as rewarding to the team of people that put it together. It gives all of us at Brighton Builders great pleasure to see smiles on the faces of those we Home Builders in Bluffton SC build and renovate homes for.


Brighton Builders always wants to make sure our clients are pleased with the experience of building and renovating and that the finished product is just how they envision it will be.


I personally look forward to the opportunity to work with you in “building beyond expectations” of your custom home or renovation.

Ben Kennedy



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Dear Brighton Builders family, clients, and colleagues,

Our Mission at Brighton Builders is to Unite process, purpose and passion to advance our clients  vision.  Although we are dealing with major disruptions caused by the real and present fear of the Coronavirus COVID-19 we are still here to serve our purpose through processes we  have in place and we are passionate about doing so.

Schools, sports, and social events are being cancelled and businesses are being impacted by the minute. We see the serious nature of this situation and are not taking the severity for granted. The safety of our team, our subcontractors and vendors and yourself are of the upmost importance to us. We have had special team meetings to address our workflows for the next few weeks. We know this is a fluid situation but we will be trying to maintain things as normal as possible for as long as possible.

First, know that we will be operating at full capacity and will be working normal business hours but with amended operating procedures. Some of these operating procedures will require some of the team to work remotely and with no in office or project site meetings scheduled for the next two weeks.   I have created a quick video for you to see what you can expect from us: https://youtu.be/2LmI2PpJjns

We are able to run at full capacity  because we have built our business using processes that are scalable through technologies that allow us to be location independent. Our workflows and tools leverage cloud technologies that allow us to be anywhere and have access to all project information. Running a business with a remote work force is not new to us so we will have your information readily available and be able to continue to do business  until we are requested to not be present on project sites from the Government, Municipalities or Communities.  

Please take a moment to click the link and  watch the most recent White House Briefing as of March 16th 2020.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UTvLwv28wY .

Our passion to serve you will not change but the way we will do business for the next few weeks will be modified. Our Team has been here to serve you.  Rest assured, we are well prepared to continue providing the service you expect.

The best way to reach us is through our office phone at 843-837-1119 or our email at Info@BrightonBuildersSC.com.

We wish you all the best and look forward to pushing through the current state of events together.


Ben Kennedy


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