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About Brighton Builders

Combining Purpose, Passion and Process

Home Building Beyond Expectations in the Lowcountry


When you decide to partner with Ben Kennedy of Brighton Builders on your building or development project, you will be working with a consummate professional. You can lean on his years of experience in many areas, including building custom homes, residential and commercial land development, and real estate.


Ben is passionate about unique and diverse development. His main priority is doing the right thing with the land… building a project that makes sense for the community. Staying community-focused in land development is good for everyone. He works with his team to ensure that the proper structure is built in the appropriate place. Conservation is as important to him as construction.


He is accustomed to leading a large team toward cohesive project completions. The mission of Brighton Builders is to combine their core values of purpose, passion, and process to bring your vision to life. No matter where you are in the imagination process, Ben can help you pull your thoughts together. This makes it easier for you to decide what you want, based on your lifestyle.


While most builders/developers focus on one type of development, Ben and the team at Brighton can build the development you hold in your vision. Some of their diverse building projects include custom homes, cabin developments, boutique commercial spaces, luxury safari tents, apartment developments, and mixed multi/single-family developments. They’ve left their mark on buildings and developments throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.


It’s been a long journey since his teen years when he worked in framing and construction. In twelve short years, he has built a reputation for integrity and dedication to his clients. His advice to people entering the building field – Seek wisdom from those already in the business, keep a good coach or mentor handy, and be passionate!


As well as being an innovative home builder and land developer, Ben is an aviator who also loves the outdoors, spending time with his horses, and participating in outdoor sports! He’s passing this passion for the outdoors on to his nine-year-old twins, and he loves spending time with them. Being outdoors with his kids, tending to the farm animals, and flying… allows him to feel connected to nature.