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Top Signs of an Excellent Custom Home Builder in Bluffton, SC



Excellent Home Builder in Bluffton, SC By: Ben Kennedy


Finding a top-rated builder (in Bluffton, SC or anywhere else) is not easy. If you chose the wrong one, building your dream home will an expensive and disappointing experience.


Let’s face it… Unless you have experience in the home building business, chances are that you will have a hard time in telling the difference between a great home builder and a nightmare.


Because of this Excellent Home Builder in Bluffton, SC , we put together our best tips on how to recognize the best builder for your project. These tips and ideas will make it easier for you to hire a custom home builder that will be able to achieve exactly how you imagined your new house to look.

WHAT MAKES A TOP-RATED Excellent Home Builder in Bluffton, SC?

We’ve all heard horror stories on building a new home. But we’ve also known that building a new home can be fun and relatively stress-free if a person has these two qualities: If they have chosen a top-notch Excellent Home Builder in Bluffton, SC, and if they are a smart and informed buyer. 


Brighton Builders is a Bluffton custom home builder that is committed to helping you achieve your dream home and a life beyond what you imagined at first.

Let Brighton Builders help you build the house you’ve always wanted.

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Qualities of an Excellent Builder in Bluffton, SC

Listed below are ways to help you select an Excellent Home Builder in Bluffton, SC

You can never go wrong going with an established builder who has years of experience and a quality reputation. Every builder gets asked by new buyers to give them a really good deal compared to the next builder and the answer is always the same; “I can do better than they can and I’ll do a great job!

In this circumstance with Brighton Builders, it is true and we are proud and happy to prove it.


Remember to always check a builder’s building experience and their track record to see if what you are asking has been done before, and if it was done well.  

Brighton Builders won two Light House Awards in 2014 for Best Bath and Best Kitchen. We also earned the 2015 HBASC Pinnacle Award for New Home Construction. These awards reflect that we are at the top of the new construction building game here Excellent Home Builder in Bluffton, SC in the Hilton Head and Bluffton area.

When building a custom home, you should always get what you want. That’s why you’re building a new custom home; to have it the way YOU want it.

Excellent Home Builder in Bluffton, SC
Excellent Builder in Bluffton, SC

Helpful Tips To Ask and Qualify Your Builder

  • Make sure you have all of your specifications spelled out – from the type of exterior finishes, to the final details on the interior.
  • Does your builder allow your input on interior finishes, colors and allowances? Make sure you can do “change orders” if you want to, and find out how they are handled beforehand.
  • The difference between an excellent builder and a sub-par builder is that a top-rated builder in takes care issues that arise and communicates with you.
  • There will always be challenges that come up during construction, as well as adjustments after completion. However, you’ll quickly find you will have zero problems if your builder warranties his work.
  • Check out your builder’s reputation and warranty. Make sure it’s in writing. Check with past clients on how your builder backs his work.
  • It’s more important to know what is not included than what is included. Any such questions should be resolved before you start.
  • You should have a clear set of house building plans, a detailed specification sheet with styles and allowances and a scaled site plan; all of which should be signed by you and your builder.
  • You should always have someone to go to for answers to questions or for concerns. You should have clear-cut guidelines communicated to you from the start-up, through the construction, to the final walk-through and closing.
  • There should be timeline communication from your builder explaining what’s needed before a certain process is initiated and what is to be expected in change orders.
  • Keep in mind that just because a home is less expensive than another it doesn’t mean it’s a better value. Likewise, a more expensive home does not necessarily assure higher quality. There’s always someone doing it for less.
  • A good builder has clear communication between his subcontractors, vendors and superintendents. Experienced builders use the same high quality people over and over, which eliminates many problems.
  • With continuing education, you can be assured that the builder is keeping up on the latest technology in home building.
  • It’s true that you get what you pay for; however, it really doesn’t cost any more to have it done right. Quality is a by-product of demanding a good job from yourself, your vendors and your subcontractors. Clear communication insures you will receive the product you set out to build.
  • Your builder and builder’s subs should never compromise quality for time. Although we all want it done today, we often remind clients “that if it takes us a week longbrer to do it right, they’ll be glad in the long run.”
  • You should also know if your builder provides high quality energy savings in their homes. These kinds of quality items will pay for themselves over and over. 
  • A good builder ensures that things are scheduled properly and in order, in the scheduled time. Otherwise, your home could take forever – and that hurts when you’re paying the interest. 
  • The builder should have a scheduled start date and scheduled completion date. He should be able to give you a schedule of what will occur during the course of construction, so that you can monitor the progress. These are critical signs of a good builder.
  • A common mistake many buyers make is using square footage cost as their measurement of value. Square footage price can be so misleading when you are talking about styles, specialty items, options, garage sizes, porches, etc.

Brighton Builders Guarantees Our Commitment
From Our Very First Meeting Through To The Last

We often explain to potential buyers that the most frustrating part about buying or building a custom home in Bluffton, SC isn’t the building process – it’s the financing.

Does your builder have good preferred lenders that you can use and that will give you priority service? They not only will work well with you, but they will get things done for you and your builder as they know his process and vice-versa. Regardless, never start building or buying without first getting approvals and all your financial questions answered up front. 

We, at Brighton Builders ,Excellent Home Builder in Bluffton, SC cultivate the skills of communication, to make each project a powerfully positive experience for our clients.

Brighton Builders is a proud member of the Hilton Head Area Home Builders and the National Association of Home Builders.

Real value is determined only if you receive the home you really wanted. You can be assured that Brighton Builders provides these and more, with each of our clients. 


Brighton Builders – An Established Leader-
Building Custom Homes, Bluffton, SC

Brighton Builders considers building homes much more than just an occupation. For us, it’s a way of life. This is why our clients have experienced that our understanding and ability goes even farther than building.  What this means for you is we are able to focus on exactly what you want and need for your new custom home.

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the excellent home builder in Bluffton, SC

Excellent Home Builder in Bluffton, SC

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