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Real Estate

Purpose, Passion and Process

Home is the Location.

Being a part of the entire organically established process strengthened the outcomes before and after,

making the Brighton Builders experience for our clients beyond just homebuilding.

Location is Concept.

Our intimate knowledge of the real estate market places us in an excellent position to advise on properties that are especially valuable for living or investing. We see more and more ways for us to successfully serve our network with homesite, renovation and existing home opportunities.


Often, our clients have a part of their vision but need help completing or fulfilling their visions. Most have an idea of where they want to live or are envisioning elements of a property.  We find that property and begin building bringing the vision to fruition.

Location is commitment.

Nothing is more beautiful than a custom home in the Lowcounty. Our building process is complimented by our ability to source and locate prime properties ready for investment and development. We know our job is well done and we get great fulfillment knowing our clients love their location as much as the home that it built.

Location is Confidence.

When our building efforts meet our real estate knowledge, the product is timeless.  Our in-depth knowledge of the real estate market enables us to build on properties that capture the true essence of our area. These incredible locations become the true foundation for the homes that we build, creating a lasting place for family and friends.