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Making the Most Out of Your Outdoor Space

What kind of options do you want to be able to enjoy in an outdoor living space? Do you want to have a full kitchen, a living area, or maybe an indoor pool or jacuzzi? Part of making the most of your space will be determined on the space that you have available, but also on the amenities you want to enjoy. You will want to plan ahead for your designated areas of cooking, sitting and entertaining.   Outdoor Kitchens Outdoor kitchens are fun to experience. They are great for social gatherings, entertaining guests and extended family. From intimate family dinners to big gatherings with friends, an outdoor kitchen makes for a memorable dinner party and enjoyable evening.   Outdoor cooking typically has a large gas or electric grill, and an area to prepare food. An outdoor kitchen can also include a stove, cabinets and a refrigerator, if the area is under a full roof. The possibilities are limited only by the amount of space and money the homeowner has.   Fire Pits and Jacuzzis   By adding a fire pit to your outdoor space, you can enjoy it during the cold months of the year, as well. Friends can gather to relax by the fire and warm up on chilly evenings. Children like to toast marshmallows and make smores at an outdoor fire pit. It really brings the family together!   If you have the space, you can add a swimming pool or Jacuzzi to your outdoor patio. Even a small pond in your view could enhance your area! Add even more appeal to it by adding a waterfall or fountain in the center.   Dining and Living Spaces for Entertaining and Relaxing Outdoor conversation areas are very relaxing. The furnishing options are now all-weather materials that are built to last even in direct sunlight and season changes. They can also be over-sized to be able to accommodate large spaces and more people. You can finish your outdoor space in a formal way, or go casual with the appropriate outdoor furniture. For a casual look, you can add a sectional couch with a wicker base. For a formal a dining area, you can get a larger outdoor table with cushioned chairs. By adding a few end tables, people can use them for drinks or snacks as they relax outside. You can include decorative accents such as throw pillows, vases with fresh flowers and citronella candles to make the space your own!   Decorating Your Outdoor Space Create a consistent feeling throughout the home by using the same type of décor. If the indoor furniture is modern, consider adding modern touches to your home inside, as well. Continuing the decorating theme throughout the home creates a natural flow and makes your home appear larger. Make sure that the colors, textures and designs all match to make the most of your space.   If you would like an estimate to build a new outdoor living space at your current home, or if you would like to talk to us about building a new home, just call us at (843) 837-1119, or email us at [email protected].